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Becka's Aloe Vera Juice

Annointed Body Cleanser & Healer

About RJB

My first pregnancy was in 1973 with my oldest son. Toxemia attacked my body in the seventh (7th) month of my pregnancy.

Toxemia developed into pre-enclampsia which led to enclampsia followed by HELLP Syndrome. The causes of toxemia is not known. Toxemia normally occur in first time pregnancies. Toxemia starts to develop as the placenta develops.

Symptoms of toxemia are elevated blood pressure, protein in the urine, hyper-reflexa (extreme fast reflex responses), bloating of the hands, feet, and face due to fluid retention. The symptoms become worse if they are not heeded.

Toxemia treatment is usually rest. Complications of toxemia can be very dangerous to both mother and baby. Complications can cause headaches, gastric pain, seizures, liver and kidney damage. Toxemia can cause problems with your eyesight, convulsions, coma and death if not properly treated.

I can honestly say, I prayed and asked God to heal my body and I continuously prayed and asked Him to show me how I would never be severely ill again. God answered my prayers and "He" gave me the formula for the Anointed Body Cleanser and Healer (ABCH). I have been taking ABCH since 1982 and I have never been ill since.

Rebecca J. Brown

Beka's ABCH Aloe Vera Juice

CEO, Founder and Developer of Anointed Body Cleanser & Healer


P.O. Box 1426

Woodbridge, VA 22195